About Me

David Kanekanian is a game programmer who for the past five years has completed various projects using Python, C++, Unreal Engine 4, Typescript, NodeJS, C# and Unity and has collaborated with local and remote teams alongside programmers, designers, writers, artists and musicians.

To date, David has created an open source 2D game engine and graph visualisation tool, designed, built and tested an iPad app for the world's largest interactive dome and was partly or wholly involved in successfully submitted entries to twenty-six game jams.

He is currently working as an Unreal software developer in the virtual production department at Scanline VFX, a VFX company. The data world involved is growing at a rapid pace and their investments and R&D have led to emerging as a key player in the virtual production industry, where David is proud to contribute.

Contact Me

The easiest way to get in touch with me is by email.

Email: dkanekanian1@gmail.com